My name is Dennis Bolser, I am an artist located in San Francisco. I moved from St. Paul Minnesota to study at the Safehouse Atelier in early 2010 and have been in the bay area since. I currently work at Machine Zone as a 2D artist. When I am not drawing/painting I spend my time playing the piano and producing music, some tracks I’ve made can be found here: .

While I was sitll living in my hometown I studied fine art at 'The Atelier of Fine Art' from 2009-2011. I moved out to San Francisco to study at the Safehouse Atelier from 2010-2012 under Carl Dobsky and with help from Massive Black Inc. with concept design and illustration instruction.

Some clients I've worked for include:

Sixmore Vodka - Freelance game production work 2011

Kabam Inc - full-time Concept Artist 2012-2015

Massive Black - Freelance Artist 2015

Present Creative - Freelance Artist 2015

Machine Zone - 2D artist 2016 - ongoing